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2007 Infiniti M45 Sport- A plush and powerful getaway
2007 Infiniti M45 Sport- A plush and powerful getaway...Warren Brown, LA Times-Washington Post The deliberately masculine 2007 Infiniti M45 Sport is one of the hottest dark horses in the luxury-car race - wonderfully quick off the mark, steady at highway speeds and nimble in curves and accident-avoidance manoeuvres. - Photo by Nissan North America It...

2007 Infiniti M45 Sport Sedan Review
...SEE ALSO: Compare Models - Infiniti Buyer's Guide Model: Infiniti M45 Sport Sedan Horsepower/Torque: 325 hp @ 6400 rpm/336 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm Transmission: 5-speed semi-automatic with manual shift mode Wheelbase: 114.2 in. Length x Width x Height: 192.6 x 70.8 x 59.4 in. Cargo volume: 14.9 cu....

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M45 from the multisync1
As good as Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes but with a solid reliability record.

The combination of an extremely advanced 4.5 liter V8 (with lightweight titanium pistons and micro-finished valves) that produces 340HP, 333 torque and the low $36,000 price tag...

Infiniti M45 from the Chris
My M45 is awsome. It drives like a larger Benz or Bimmer, but has a more sportier feel. If you are looking at a BMW 5 Series, take a better look at this car! I owned 2 2003 BMW 5 Series, the first was a lemon which I returned, the second gave me all sorts...

m45 from the nodice
Can I saw WOW. I have owned the car for about a month and it seems to impress me even more. I have driven m3's m5's and AMG'S, and my m4.5 litre is just as impresive if not better due it's price hp, and ft pounds of torq. Get's more looks to. Due to the...

M45 HistoryThe M30, M45, and M35 are luxury cars from Nissan's Infiniti marque.

The original 1990 M30 was the mundane middle offering of Nissan's Infiniti brand. It featured a 162 hp 3.0 L V6 shared, along with its rear wheel drive platform, with the 1987 Japanese Nissan Leopard. A convertible was added for 1991, and the M30 was replaced after 1992 by the more interesting Infiniti J30.

The 2003 M45 was based on the Y34-series Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric, with styling similar to the Gloria. The engine is Nissan's 340 hp VK45DE V8 which produces 333 ft.lbf of torque. The rather Japanese squared-off styling did not make much of a splash on the US market, and the M45 sold poorly.

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